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The history of tea boxes is deeply related to the history of Japanese tea exports. There are various theories that tea boxes have been used, but already in the Edo period It seems that it existed. Usage was domestic and overseas transportation of Japanese tea was mainly used.

The fact that overseas exports of Japanese tea became full-fledged in the Meiji era. Tea lined with raw silk It became an important export item, and production of tea boxes increased as export volume expanded. In Shizuoka which is a major production center of Japanese tea in particular, the production of tea boxes became popular.

In the tea box to be exported, a label called "ranji" was stuck in order to convey the image of Japanese tea to overseas people in an easy-to-understand manner. The Ukiyo-e technique at that time was made use of in the ranji, and a lot of Ukiyo-e artisans were doing in Shizuoka.

In this way, although it is a tea box which was originally used as a packaging material for tea transportation, in recent years its excellent moisture resistance, insect resistance, and its sturdy construction are useful, and storage of clothes such as kimono , It was used more often as a storage box for precision machines such as cameras.


In addition, it is also drawing attention as a storage box that also serves as an interior.

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